Parents and Citizens Association (P and C)

The vision of our P&C is to jointly support the school and our families.  Fundraising is kept to a minimum.  Parents are welcome to come along whenever they can. Minutes of P&C meetings are distributed to those who attend. If anyone else would like a copy, they are available from the Office.

Meetings are held during term time.  The meetings are attended by the Principal or representative, who gives a report on school activities and issues. Parents are welcome to ask questions on any issues. Meetings start at 9.30am with half an hour of chat and catch up time. It’s a chance to share the triumphs meet new friends and gain support from meeting other parents.

Guest speakers:

Guest speakers are arranged regularly to speak on relevant issues. If there are any speakers you would particularly like to hear, or topics discussed, please contact the P&C President with your suggestions (contact details available from Office).

Social Events:

The P&C also organises regular social events and will notify parents of upcoming social events through the school newsletter.

Do you want to help us? The Clarke Road School Gift Fund

The school has a deductible gift recipient status for charitable donations. This means that any donations made to the school gift fund are tax deductible and reclaimable on income tax returns. A donation receipt is issued.

If you have any business or family contacts that you think appropriate to ask for a donation for the school, do let them know that donations to the school are tax deductible. This often makes donations much more forthcoming! If you want any more information on this, or help with making a donation approach, please contact the P&C President (contact details available from Office).


Clarke Road School has a Volunteering Program. There will be opportunities to volunteer within the school to assist students and staff with different programs. If you are interested, please leave your name and contact details at the office. The P&C Volunteer Coordinator will ring you back