Your Child’s Literacy

Literacy looks different for every child at Clarke Road School. We provide both academic and functional literacy programs designed with adjustments to support each child’s unique needs. For some students literacy will focus on basic communication skills, whilst for other students elements such as reading may be the focus. We will teach your child to love books and to love communicating!

Literacy is supported through the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in English. All content areas of English are included in your child’s personalised learning program. These include speaking and listening, writing and representing, hand writing and using digital technologies, reading and viewing and spelling. The teaching of literacy at Clarke Road is inclusive of the learning needs of all students. Your child’s literacy lessons will support the learning needs of your child.

All students at our school require adjustments to the teaching, learning and assessment activities to enable them to access syllabus outcomes and content. We will use appropriate technology to support the development of your child’s literacy skills.