Your Child’s Voice

The development of communication skills is a priority at Clarke Road School. We engage multiple strategies to support the development of communication and literacy skills. These strategies include immersion in verbal communication, visual communication, use of key word signing, picture exchange systems, scripting social stories, voice output devices and switch operated toys and equipment. Our Big Mac and Talking Buttons support communication between home and school and are a big hit with our students.

Developing pride and confidence is a priority and our use of interactive whiteboards, specialised apps, iPads and tablets enhance the development of your child’s communication daily in our classrooms.

We will work with you to support the development of your child’s communication through external inter-agency providers and speech pathologists if that is a preferred option for the family.

Daily home-school communication books and systems give your child a voice to share their day with the family. They provide a primary means of transferring important information to families.